Donkey Kicks Its Own Ass

I’m trying to figure out a couple of things: what’s with the anti-abortion amendment in this bill that passed in the House, and what the hell is the problem with the public option?

I heard the news about the House passing the bill and it sounded all good, but then this little snag came up, which seems to have gotten little attention. Or maybe it has, I don’t know, but…what the hell? I am amazed (I know, I shouldn’t be) at the lack of conviction with which this reform is being conducted. There’s little to zero support from Republicans anyway, why pander to them with this?

As for conservative Democrats, oh man, is there anything worse than these Blue Dogs? What. Is. Your. Point?

Which brings us to Lieberman. What a dick. I wish I could take back half of my vote for him as VP in 2000. Man, I can’t stand this guy. “What’s the mechanism by which the public option increases the national deficit?” asks Ezra Klein:

Every analysis of the public option I’ve seen has concluded that it will reduce federal, and consumer, spending. Indeed, the stronger the public option is, the more it reduces the deficit. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that a public option paying Medicare’s rates would save the government more than $100 billion in the first 10 years, and more after that.

What is the problem? You’re never going to get the answer from him for that, I’m sure. God, these Democrats are just useless in power and out.


I hope he means this.

Obama said he did not support any change in current abortion laws through the health care bill — an implicit rebuke to the House for passing an amendment that could considerably restrict women’s access to abortions.


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