Clinton Did It!

It is interesting that with each new scandal or crime or investigation of the Bush Regime comes the cry of “Clinton did that too!” I’ve seen it all over the place, in right-wing corners and from apologists across the blogosphere. What would they do without Clinton? Better yet, what shape would Bush be in politically if he actually had emulated Clinton? No doubt much better than he finds himself today, consistently unpopular and under investigation. Of course, his scandals are much meatier than those that plagued Clinton’s administration, in that, they actually mean something. Outing CIA agents, torturing prisoners, firing lawyers for partisan political reasons…the list goes on. No blowjobs here, that’s for sure. Sadly.

Bob Barr, that silly conservative, makes the point regarding this Gonzales attorney scandal, in a way that his fellow Republicans should try and understand:

I and a number of others were critical of president Clinton when he first came into office and almost immediately removed all U.S. Attorneys. But that’s not the same thing as what’s happening now.

We’re seeing a president in his second term go after U.S. attorneys of his own party for reasons that are clearly political: not moving fast enough against targets on the other side of the aisle, succumbing to pressure from Senators for example. That is very, very corrosive, both to morale for U.S. Attorneys as well as in terms of reducing the confidence that the public has that the system is fair and impartial and non-partisan.

Nope, Clinton didn’t do that too. This Bush White House is truly in a league of its own.

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