Change I Believe In

Here’s the short list:

Reform health care. Public option. There is no bipartisan solution. Fuck ’em.

End the wars. Afghanistan, Iraq. Now.

Repeal DADT, executive order, immediately.

Come out in favor of marriage equality, Prez Obama.

There’s a reason why the polls have dipped for Obama: the liberals, progressives and people who elected him are not locksteppers like the Bush apologists. This is how it gets done. The 20%ers who supported Bush no matter what he did are almost as responsible for his failure as he is. Silence means security, silence means approval.

Not going to happen on the left side. The difference is, we’re about to see what happens when a president actually listens to the people who elected him, at least on health care. After that, we’ll go down the list. This is what I voted for, you know. Change.


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