Boozing, Boozer, Booziest

Just saw that the Bulls have a guy named Boozer! I might have to start watching again, I like the sound of that.

In other booze news, I saw a thing linked on Sullivan about corner pubs, and the growing extinction of them. I read it and understood it, thinking that the article’s premise, based in D.C., applies here in Chicago as well. And it does, although this follow-up at the Dish defies it nicely, complete with a shot of the great Brehon Pub. Yes, there are plenty of corner pubs, and great ones for sure, but the chances of a new corner pub ever opening are almost zero. Outgoing Mayor Daley, for some reason, made it ridiculously difficult not only to open up a bar but also a music venue (another story) in this city. Whether his departure will change that (doubtful), it is sadly true that Chicago is filled, and still filling, with big boxes, strip mall sensibility, and an ever-dwindling sense of “place,” as defined by these very corner pubs.

And so The Booze Cabinet, of course, is sad about that.


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