Blind to Reason

I had no idea Obama was going to be on The Daily Show last night, that was cool to see. I had just read both the Rolling Stone interview with President Obama and another one that he gave to progressive bloggers and couldn’t help but think that, even if you disagree with him, it’s hard to argue with the reasonable-ness of Obama. I know, that goes against the narrative that has been crafted by the nutwings but really, come on. Even on DADT he is methodically going about the “process,” driving everyone mad it seems, but I’m sure he’ll get it done in a way that–at least to reasonable people–will be legally and politically sound.

It’s something to think about, the accessibility of Obama, in the same way that I think Bill Clinton was and is. They give long, far-ranging interviews and speak intelligently about the issues, which really should be the norm for politicians who are asking to serve the public. But as we prepare to elect a number of candidates into office that evade and demonize the media, that don’t give interviews or answer questions but instead offer populist rhetoric, that profess to speak for “the real folks” but are taking big money from undisclosed sources…well, it’s business as usual for that special breed of voter, the one that votes against their own best interest with fierce loyalty and blinding stupidity.


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