Blasts from the Past

Last night I saw some old Bulls game on, I guess they’re replaying Jordan’s great games to mark his Hall of Fame induction or something. Wow, man. One of the games was from 1987 and it was a one-man gang. Amazing that they got it together to win six championships, but Jordan was truly great. Best ever, no question. Basketball isn’t even worth watching anymore without someone like him to watch. So glad I saw all of that, from right around that time on, the early Jordan years up through number 6 in 1998…eleven years ago? Sheeee-it…

Eight years ago it was a different story. I woke up today and happened to catch the replay on msnbc, not from the beginning but after the second plane hit.  Watched the first tower go down, then the second. Unbelievable. Tim Russert is on there too, which is weird. If only people had not reacted with such fear and instead with resolve. Resolve would not have invaded Iraq or set up torture prisons or carried bogus terror alerts, but Fear would, and did. How different it would have been without the fear-mongering.

Of course it was scary, at least for a while. I would ride my bike downtown to work and expect to see a plane at any moment come flying into the Sears Tower. It’s still odd to see a low-flying plane anywhere near here. But that doesn’t mean you have to panic. And it feels like we panicked. (Re)-elected a dumb ass. Shouted down dissenting views. Bunkered down and lost some freedom. Acted exactly like they hoped we would.

Kinda feels like those same folks are still shouting today.


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