Bi-Curiously Partisan

I must admit, I’m a little bored with the usual sites that I used to read. I’m talking about the nutballs, the wackjobs, The Corner. Every since Obama won things have gotten quite boring, which I guess was the point. And don’t get me wrong, I’m happy, but what was once fun has now become just stupid (ok, it was always stupid). And now with cable tv beaming into my home I can see what I’ve been missing all these years–which is to say, Not A Goddamn Thing!

Really? This is it? I’ve tried, just for scientific purposes, to watch O’Reilly or Hannity or whomever and I can’t make it through one full show. It’s just stupid. I mean, you have to be an idiot to watch it. You have to be a vacant, mouth-breathing hillbilly. You have to be a vapid, incurious dumbass. Oh, and it helps to be generally scared of things.

But there’s nothing funny, there’s nothing insightful, and there’s nothing entertaining about these shows. But I can see why the people that do watch the shows are mind-numbingly stupid. In fact, it explains eight years of idiocy in less than a half hour’s time. I guess this is why Jon Stewart became essential viewing.

I don’t know which show it was that I saw, but they were talking about Sean Penn’s speech like it was the End of Hollywood. He’s really done it this time! Apparently in this alternate reality known as cable news programs (Faux News?) liberal movie stars have really upset the cart this time, and better watch out. The crazy right-wingers are going to stop going to see movies, and when they do, shit, man, the whole thing is just going to shut down. It’s funny how important they think they are. That’s O’Reilly, right? Didn’t he boycott France or something?

Anyway. “The Republican attempt to play politics as usual at a time of national crisis receives low marks,” says Joe Klein of Time, but you wouldn’t know that from watching these dolts. “Indeed, a staggering 79% believe that the GOP should expend more effort on finding a bipartisan middle ground with the President, while only 17% believe they should “‘stick to Republican policies.'” And on the other hand, 56% think that Obama should NOT pursure bipartisanship, but stick to his own policies–you know, the ones that won him the White House.

Just to rub it in, this from Glenn Greenwald:

That’s actually an amusing result:  a huge majority of Americans want Congressional Republicans to be “bipartisan,” but don’t want Obama to be.  Overwhelmingly, then, Americans favor “bipartisanship” only to the extent that it means that Republicans support Democratic policies and abandon their own.

So obstruction is a losing strategy, yet it’s also, sadly, the one thing the GOP has really mastered. Dig in, guys, dig in!


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