Beer & Loathing 2012

I’ll be contributing some 2012 campaign analysis over at the Examiner, starting with this one on the debate last night:

The latest twist came in the form of a Gingrich ex-wife (no. 2) spilling the beans on Newt’s desire for an open marriage back in the late 90’s. For the record, Newt denied the story and made sure to zing the messenger, CNN’s John King, for having the gall to ask him about the day’s biggest story. The reprimand was a rare complaint by Gingrich toward the media elite—his geniality and likability are growing with each new day on the campaign trail—and King chose not to ask him whether his lofty condemnation of Bill Clinton during the impeachment trials could be considered hypocritical.

I don’t know if any more people read that site than do this one but what the hell.


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