Baseball on Ice, For Now

Longtime dedicated readers of this Booze Cabinet may have noticed the lack of coverage or excitement regarding the now-week-old baseball season, and in particular, our Chicago Cubs. Well, what can I say? It’s still hockey season over here. The playoffs are just about to start and although the Hawks missed the top spot by one point, they are still in good shape for a run at the Cup.

But really, the Cubs. Hope springs eternal, they say, but I’m not feeling it. Yes, Milton Bradley is gone and that’s all good, but I am in the Zambrano-is-a-nutjob camp, and a new haircut and weight loss is not going to change that. Plus, the bullpen appears to completely suck, just like last year. And Soriano is still out there in left field misjudging balls. Ugh.

Today is opening day at Wrigley and there are changes afoot, but I am keeping one eye shut right now. Yeah, I may turn it on and see what happens but it’s not the same for me, not now, not yet. Bring home the Cup!


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