Assholes Finish First

A pitch-perfect review of GWB’s book Decision Points at Seattle’s The Stranger, for those of us who haven’t, and will never read the book. It tells me all I need to know:

He hasn’t changed at all. The experience of leading the free world, ordering the deaths of human beings, and seeing some of his closely held conservative free-market convictions turn to dust in his fingers taught him absolutely nothing. Some define living as changing, and George W. Bush has written nearly 500 pages about how he has not changed at all and is proud of that fact, above all else.

But the real key to the review is the comparison with internet dickhead Tucker Max’s book, Assholes Finish First. The point being: they’re interchangeable.

Both men operate under the assumption that they are always right. Neither shows any real sorrow for his evil actions. And neither one can write.


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