Ass Kickin’ Good Times

I woke up early (4am) with a sick feeling and sore throat and so I drank tea and honey and spun around Google Earth for a while, looking for a place I’d been to long ago that had popped in my head recently. Then I looked for Aspen and Thompson’s compound, which I think I found, and eventually went back to bed, but not after writing a post at Daily Kos.

The last one I wrote over there was about John Kerry and his two-years-too-late ass kicking comment, and with Clinton’s performance this weekend I felt the need to reiterate the point. I don’t call myself a Democrat these days after giving money and emotion to the Kerry campaign and getting another lost cause who can’t defend himself against hacks like the Swift Boat smears, and seeing Clinton doing what he does so well only proved my point.

My point? Gore ran far away from Clinton in 2000 and then grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory without much of a fight. Vietnam veteran Kerry was steam-rolled by a “war President” who ridiculed his service to his country, and Kerry couldn’t formulate a worthy response. This would have done: “Are you fucking kidding me? This guy?!?”

Over at Daily Kos they love yesterday’s candidates. No, not the one who actually won, two terms actually, but the other ones. Listen, I voted and supported these guys too, and I think that Gore would have made a better President than either Kerry or Bush, maybe even better than Clinton himself, but who knows? Once they lose, it’s hard to get that stink off. Easier for Gore than Kerry, since he actually won, but still…

That’s unfair, there are plenty of people who agree with me at Daily Kos, but I must say, at last check the comments were close to 90, which is pretty amazing to me. Go check out that impassioned conversation over there and see what I mean.


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