All The Way

On Friday I had only heard that Eddie Vedder song once on the radio, but now it’s everywhere and I can’t get it out of my head! It’s not a bad song, better than that cheeseball “Go, Cubs, Go!” song, but really, we’ve got to restrain ourselves a bit! I do thank those who sent it to me–before it exploded after the Cubs won on Saturday–but I think I’ll wait til they actually go all the way before I voluntarily play it.

Yes, they did it! It was a good celebration but a subdued one, the kind that says “alright, nice job, but we’ve only just begun.” I did not pour any beer on my head, I only drank it. Save the pouring on the head for pennants and World Series wins. It would be wrong to be wasteful at this point. Act like you’ve been there before–it’s expected! Alright team, that’s my pep talk for today.


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