A Justified Hangover

Went to the Double Door for Greg Dulli & Craig Wedren last night. Great show, sold out, $5 beers, what more can you–wait, wh-what?!? Yep, that’s right, the cheapest beer was $5, and that was for either 12 oz. domestics or the old tall boy PBR’s. Oh, so shitty, but yes, I drank a few. And so finally, a hangover justified! Not one of those 3 lazy beers and a raging headache the next day deals.

Anyway, this pic was taken in Florida. I found a bar with the Bears game and enjoyed some Buds (for half the price of DD’s) as the Panthers rolled over for our hometown heroes. Shitty team, Carolina. Da Bears, 4-1, top of the pops, are less shitty for now.


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