18 and Life

I encountered this situation when I was driving home last night, with Kedzie blocked off from Palmer Square to Fullerton. Apparently a kid shot a cop and got shot back; everyone’s going to recover. Pretty crazy, though. I detoured around Palmer and came up Fullerton, and after I passed Kedzie I saw the next street completely taped off. It was obvious it was kind of a big deal.

Ah, guns! Nothing to be done about them, I guess. No, Obama’s not going to take them away, nutballs. There’s too many scared people who need them. When guys like Plaxico Burress shoot themselves in the thigh I can only laugh. Here’s a guy who gets tackled by giant men for a living and he carries a gun around with him to nightclubs. Pussy. Come here and I’ll say it to your face, tough guy! Yeah? I thought so!


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